Kevin Durant Weighs In On Who’s Better: Stephen Curry Or Russell Westbrook


Brooklyn Nets’ All-Star forward Kevin Durant recently made an appearance on Serge Ibaka’s “How Hungry Are You?,” during which Ibaka served up some snake for his former teammate while they discussed a number of basketball-related topics. 

Among the topics they touched on, which of Durant’s former teammates is a better player: Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook? After some consideration, Durant gave his answer, “Steph Curry.” Asked why, KD simply added, “He can shoot better.”

Check out that clip, as well as the full episode, below.

The two former Thunder teammates also addressed the 2018-19 NBA Finals. As we know, Ibaka and the Raptors dethroned the injury-riddled Warriors in six games, but has no doubts about how things would’ve turned out if he and Klay Thompson were healthy, or if it went to a Game 7.

Here’s how their conversation went (H/T Yahoo Sports):

Durant: “Let’s put it like this — if ya’ll go into a Game 7 with the two-time champs, you’re not winning that game. You’re not. Ya’ll had to win in six, which ya’ll did. But if I was out there, ya’ll wouldn’t have beat us at home.”

Ibaka: “We almost beat you guys in five, you know that right?”

Durant: “Yeah. Game 6, ya’ll almost lost anyway. Klay [Thompson] went out, and ya’ll almost lost. So Game 6, we would have smacked ya’ll at the crib. And then Game 7 — I know for sure you could hear a pin drop in your locker room walking into that arena. Ya’ll would have been so shook.”

Ibaka: “Yeah, you’re right about that (laughter). But we were hot, so we the champs.”


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