Kevin Gates Denies That He’s Banned From Louisiana Prisons: “Fake News”


Kevin Gates has continued to apply pressure on the game months after the release of I’m Him. The rapper hit the road and is consistently releasing visuals for singles off of the project. This morning he released the visuals for “Fatal Attraction” before joining Nadeska, DJ Akademiks, and Wayno with his wife Dreka where they detailed their relationship as both life and business partners.

The conversation ended up landing on the topic of the alleged ban on Kevin Gates from entering any prison in Lousiana. The rapper shared photos of himself last year inside of prison while flashing a wad of cash that then caused an uproar among prison officials. He explained that the news itself was simply a case of “fake news.”

“Why didn’t they do a no-knock warrant at the house? Why wasn’t any of the contraband confiscated if it was money? It wasn’t money,” he said. “You gotta confiscate it. Possession is nine-tenths of the law…. That’s speculation. You around some of the most talented people in the world. They can take napkins and a paper fan and make it look like a hundred dollar bill… I ain’t gonna say what it was but it wasn’t money.”

After detailing that he’s enrolled with the Crystal Campaign and is readying to roll out a new effort called “Rehabilitation For Gangstas,” and tha tthrough that, he’s allowed in all the prison systems.

“What they call that? Fake news,” he concluded as he dispelled the rumors. 


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