Kevin Gates Digital Cover: Go Behind The Scenes


The subject of our brand new Digital Cover Story is none other than His Imperial Majesty, Kevin Gates. The Baton Rouge Breadwinner has been enjoying a storied year in his career, releasing a solid project in the summer and following it up with his second studio album I’m Him. If you’ve listened to his fresh body of work, you know what I mean when I say that Kevin Gates is one of the most authentic rappers in the entire game. He’s not capping about anything, pouring emotion straight from his heart in the studio and conveying important messages in his raps. With our Digital Cover Story, you’ll get to learn all about the Louisiana superstar but first, head behind-the-scenes of our exclusive photoshoot with Gates.

When we met up with Kevin in Los Angeles, he was open to talking about how his life has changed since he came up. At one point in his career, anger would ruin Gates’ day but now, he actually looks forward to that negativity. “Anger is a good thing if you know how to channel it,” explained the rapper. “Now I look forward to the things that make me upset because I know I’ma get a great workout.”

The BWA General has worked so hard on getting healthy both in his mind and body, which is a major topic in his new music. “Right now, I’m just living for the first time in my life,” he told us. “It’s like I’m relearning how to do everything because I come from being a gangster.” These days, Kevin Gates is more appreciative of everything around him and, to be honest, you love to see that kind of progression.

Watch our behind-the-scenes video with him above and read our brand new Digital Cover Story with him here.


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