Kevin Gates Flexing His Vocabulary To His Wife Is Too Adorable


There’s really not that much to do in prison. While there is usually a decent selection of reading material, a long sentence may mean that the choices run out quickly. Kevin Gates has been in and out of prison for years, experiencing his first stretch in a while without getting in trouble. These days, the Baton Rouge rapper is focused on his family, straying away from the street life and dropping as much good music as he can to support his kids. Getting released from behind bars early last year, Gates must have been reading the dictionary thoroughly as he awaited his release. Not only does he flex his impressive vocabulary on his new project I’m Him but, in a new social upload with his wife Dreka, he’s out here using his intelligence to swoon her all over again.

Image via HNHH

Kevin Gates won Dreka over a while ago but he knows that, in order to sustain a healthy relationship, he’s got to put in that effort every day. While cuddling with his spouse, Gates opened up his phone camera and sang Dreka’s praises. “When I look in your eyes, I just wanna ravish you with my love… ravish,” he said in the video. Sure, this might not be the most complex word in the history of the English language but it’s not something you hear coming from most rappers’ mouths. Gates is an intellectual and he loves to show off that side of himself.

The two laughed hard after he used the word “ravish,” falling in love all over again.


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