Kevin Gates Flies Solo On Surprise Release “Only The Generals, Pt. II”


After receiving his single “Plug Daughter 2” last week, Kevin Gates’s fans were all prepared to hear much more from the rapper, but they didn’t expect a full-length project. On Friday (February 19), the Baton Rouge artist shared his 12-track mixtape Only The Generals Part II, a follow-up to his six-track 2019 release, Only the Generals Gon Understand. The rapper stands alone on the project as he gives fans something to enjoy as he works on his next studio album.

Recently, Gates updated the world about his personal growth and past mistakes, topics that he often addresses artistically much like he does on his latest release. “I’ve suffered and I’ve paid severely, but I’ve never folded under pressure,” he previously shared. “To be aware is to be alive I’ve witness things that the strongest could not stomach, I have had family and friends turn against me, but throughout it all still I stand I love you all- I challenge you to live -I challenge you to do something you never thought about doing -I challenge you to choose happiness over depression in closing I come as I leave – Upright, Independent, and Fearless.”

Stream Only The Generals II by Kevin Gates and let us know which track is your standout.


1. Yes Lawd
2. Big Hittah
3. Cartel Swag
4. Big Steppah
5. Sh*t
6. Raw U Out
7. Send That Load
8. Plug Daughter 2
9. Wishing In Morocco
10. Puerto Rico Luv
11. Waddup Homie Pt. 2
12. Fairytale