Kevin Gates Gets Trapped By Dreka Gates In Voodoo-Inspired “Fatal Attraction”


Debuting his latest album I’m Him last year, Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates is still pushing out quality content from the body of work. We’ve already witnessed a few videos to promote the project but, so far, this might be the most fascinating one. “Fatal Attraction” is a favorite from I’m Him, detailing Gates’ attempts to not get hit with the “woo” from a tempestuous woman. The video shows this scene happening in real-time, prepping us with hints of Louisiana voodoo as we’re introduced to Kevin Gates, a well-dressed businessman at a brothel, and Dreka Gates, the madame in charge of the operation. Gates falls in love with his real-life wife, falling for her traps and eventually, he ends up getting tricked into her accepting her advances, eating some poisoned spaghetti and going missing for days.

The hip-hop power couple stars in this short film, which premiered earlier today. The video will leave you wanting to see how the rest of the story plays out. Does Gates eventually make his way out of the brothel or does Dreka keep control of her man, forcing him to do whatever she pleases? We may never find out. All we know after watching this is never to play around with love.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you’re thinking.


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