Kevin Gates Is A Precious Family Man On A Private Jet With His Son & Daughter


One of the most unpredictable men in the music industry, Kevin Gates knows how to get the people talking. His brash nature and DGAF attitude is reserved for the streets while, at home, he paints the picture of a father who is dearly in love with his kids. Alongside his wife Dreka, Gates is a parent to two beautiful children: Islah and Khaza. We’ve seen a lot of them over the years, joining the Baton Rouge native on stage for his performances and emotionally reacting to his first visit back home from prison last year. Now that he’s back on his grind, the HNHH cover star showed off his private jet journey to a new destination and, of course, his little ones joined along for the ride.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Not many kids can say they’ve ridden on a private jet. When you’re Kevin Gates’ son or daughter though, you’ve had plenty of opportunities to travel the world. Gates took a break from his street general narrative to remind everyone that, behind-the-scenes, he’s a family man above all else. His Imperial Majesty has been mentioning his kids more and more in his music, even dedicating an entire song to Islah on I’m Him, and this photo of all three of them together shows us just how great of a dad Gates really is. We can only assume Dreka was behind the camera.


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