Kevin Gates Opens Up On New Song “Still Hold Up”


Previewing tons of new music over the last month, Kevin Gates has finally released a new song titled “Still Hold Up.”

One of the toughest men in the rap game, Kevin Gates is built different. He’s been through the wringer and has been forced to defend his name and his territory on more than one occasion. Throughout his career, Gates has been in and out of jail, nearly losing it all at some points. He’s switching up his mental though, bossing up in recent years and choosing to step harder for his family. 

On the new song, the rapper opens up as much as we’ve ever heard. He speaks on his current life and the trials and tribulations he’s faced. He also compares his situation to others trying to be like him, realizing that he’s held up strong until now, so why not continue a little longer?

Kevin Gates has not announced a new project but, usually, whenever new music starts to pop up like this from the Baton Rouge rapper, it’s safe to assume something is coming. Cross your fingers!

Quotable Lyrics:

Talked about behind my back by my own family
But I’m built for it though and I still hold up
Instances I used to deal with tried to hurt my marriage
But I’m built for it tough and I still hold up


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