Kevin Gates Performs “RBS Intro” With Piano Backing & You Need To Hear It


There is no denying that Kevin Gates has fully developed his musical style and he’s sticking to that formula. Despite knowing his lane, the Baton Rouge native still loves taking risks with his sound, flexing his voice and introducing us to deeper parts of his brain each time he releases new music. His most recent release I’m Him has been controlling the streets, keeping Gates near the top of YouTube’s most popular artist charts. In an effort to get even more people on his side, the rapper teamed up with Audiomack to perform a stunning version of his album opener, enlisting a top-notch pianist to provide the instrumental backing.

Already a solid cut in itself, the “RBS Intro” just got a whole lot spicier with the Audiomack version, including a simple piano backing and Gates going extra hard in his delivery. At the top of the Fine Tuned experience, Gates tells us all that he would be transporting himself to a different dimension for this show and you can clearly see that he wasn’t lying when he starts spitting. The Real Big Speaker exudes so much emotion in his performance and it’s beautiful to see him get so in touch with his feelings, pouring them out through his speech.

Watch the gorgeous video below and be sure to check out Kevin Gates’ new album.


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