Kevin Gates Recalls Painful Music Video Shoot On “Sneaker Shopping”


Kevin Gates is in such a cheerful mood these days that any new content with him is greatly welcomed. He has opened up like a book, eager to share anecdotes from his personal life and spread motivational messages. You can read about his inspiring self-transformation in our latest digital cover story with him. You could also watch his appearance on Complex‘s “Sneaker Shopping” to catch a glimpse of the new Gates. While rappers usually ball out on this show and buy a ridiculous amount of sneakers, Gates had a rather restrained purchase that only entailed two pairs of shoes from the Off White x Nike collaboration and two Supreme hats.

In this episode, the Baton Rouge rapper recalls the time he went to a Nike store, realized he had tried on Odell Beckham Jr.’s shoe, FaceTimed the football player and then proceeded to buy all the pairs they had in his size. He also mentions how he “almost died” while shooting the music video for “Push It”. The video shows him doing a series of strenuous physical activities, one being a long run in the streets. He divulged how he didn’t wear any socks while doing the run in order for his appearance to be continuous with that of his stunt double. So when Gates said he “almost died”, he meant he acquired some blisters on his feet. Either way, you gotta appreciate the dedication. 

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