Kevin Gates Releases “Bags” Video From “I’m Him” Album


Kevin Gates just dropped the visuals for his track “Bags.” The video follows a day in Gates’ and a woman’s lives going on simultaneously. It starts off split-screen with them both waking up in their respective beds, and then proceeds to show them both getting ready for a night out. The two of them eventually end up at the club where Kevin Gates is in the VIP section and later she joins. The relationship between Gates and the video vixen is uncertain in the storyline but the woman definitely becomes displeased and storms off. She gets up and leaves the VIP section, all to flirt with another guy much to Gates’ amusement.

In the song the talented rapper sings on the hook, “I want a bag, you want my bag, so we chasing the same thing, I did you bad, okay, my bad, baby this ain’t the same thing.” The words can easily get stuck in your head from this banger and make you have it on repeat. “Bags” was released as a part of I’m Him, Gates’ most recent album. Now with the visuals, part of the story has come to life.

Check out the clip above, it’ll be worth your while.  


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