Kevin Gates Totals His Lambo In LA Car Crash


Kevin Gates is reportedly doing well following an intense-looking car crash in Los Angeles on Monday night. The “Two Phones” rapper was driving his Lamborghini SUV when a woman ran a red light in her Toyota Prius, ramming into the side of Gates’ vehicle. Kevin spun out of control before coming to a halt approximately a hundred feet away. A video shows the rapper speaking with the woman who collided with him, exchanging information as he calmly stood in the middle of the intersection.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the car accident. Kevin’s car suffered some extensive damage though.

Recently, Gates has been showing off his family lifestyle, proudly declaring that he’s happy to be out of the streets. He’s gone viral a few times because of his different looks, including new hairstyles with braids, outlandish footwear that was clowned across social media, and more unique decisions that could only be attributed to the mind of Gates.

His 2019 song “Big Gangsta” continues to be successful on social media with TikTok finding the record and running off with it. More recently, Gates released his latest mixtape Only The Generals, Pt. II

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Watch the footage of the aftermath of his car crash above and be thankful that nothing happened to the big general.