Kevin Hart Blasts Media Coverage Of Cheating Scandal: “Sad Times We Live In”


With the release of Kevin Hart’s brand new Netflix documentary Don’t Fuck This Up, we were let into the comedian’s personal life as he struggled with the Oscars controversy regarding his past homophobic tweets and more. The series is eye-opening, to say the very least. Without giving much away, a portion of the program deals with Hart’s cheating scandal with his wife and many media outlets are taking that as the main draw. Running with a headline about how Eniko Hart found out her husband had been cheating on her through a direct message on Instagram, The Shade Room drew in the actor himself to comment, criticizing their coverage of the documentary and urging us all to focus on more positive angles.

Kevin Hart appeared in the comments section of the post this weekend, garnering an abundance of likes and reactions with his response to the damaging headline. “Such a strong powerful documentary and this is the headline that you pull from it…sad times we live in,” wrote the comedian, trashing TSR for the toxic story. “Carry on. Have a blessed and beautiful day…happy new year.”

He couldn’t have handled this situation in a more mature manner. After going through so much this year, we can all benefit to learn from how Kevin Hart dealt with this. 


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