Kevin Hart Can’t Catch A Break In $1 Million Lawsuit


Kevin Hart just can’t shake his lawsuit involving iGo Marketing & Entertainment. As the story goes, Kevin had to pay the company a whopping $701,593.73 after he failed to give the company 15% of his earnings that the company had a hand in. iGo Marketing decided they weren’t satisfied with the payout and asked a judge to have Kevin pay them $1 million instead which forced the actor to ask the judge to drop the request. “The entire premise of the plaintiff’s argument is false and specious,” Kevin stated.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The judge agreed with Kevin’s request and dropped the company’s ask for more money and the case was closed. The Blast now reports that iGo Marketing & Entertainment has appealed the judge’s decision which means Kevin will have to attend court yet again to fight another battle.  

Kevin only recently just got back on his feet following the near-fatal car crash he was involved in at the top of December. The Jumanji actor had to delay another lawsuit he was involved in due to his inability to walk. Kevin was spotted just yesterday having his first social outing since his crash where he kicked it with Jay Z and Irv Gotti in Beverly Hills


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