Kevin Hart Denies Causing Injury To Woman’s Eye Socket In Latest Lawsuit


Kevin Hart is going to court for allegedly knocking a woman over in the streets of NYC this past January. The comedian was leaving a screening of his film, TheUpside, with his security team, when according to the victim, Carmen Marrero, they slammed into her and caused injury to her eye socket. The incident took place on 52nd Street and Eighth Avenue in New York City. Marrero filed a lawsuit against Kevin in June, and on Tuesday, Kevin’s legal team filed legal documents claiming that Marrero should have been prepared for the risk of such an incident due to the nature of the setting. 

In the court documents, Kevin’s lawyers explained that “the injuries alleged to have been sustained by the plaintiff were sustained while [s]he was involved in an activity into which [s]he had entered, knowing full well the hazard thereof,” and thus this altercation was “strictly caused by the provocation of the plaintiff and not by any act of the defendant.” However, Marrero’s lawyer, Richard Russo, is not buying it. “When you walk the streets of New York you don’t assume the risk that an overzealous bodyguard will throw you to the ground and break your face,” he said.

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This is not the first time Mr. Hart has been at the centre of legal issues. Last year, he was involved in a major sex tape scandal, which his former business partner, Stand Up Digital, claimed cost them a deal with Apple in their lawsuit against Kevin. In September, he was sued by his partner in the sex tape for allegedly planning the recording with his friend, JT Jackson, without her consent.  In October, iGo Marketing & Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Kevin, claiming that he failed to pay the 15% of his earnings that the company was owed. It’s safe to say that Kevin is no stranger to the courtroom.

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To address all of these scandals and much more, including a major car accident in September, Kevin announced on Tuesday that he’ll be releasing a documentary on December 27 that covers the events of the last year and a half of his life. While this latest lawsuit will likely not be included, the doc will hopefully provide answers to all the drama that has followed him in the recent past.


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