Kevin Hart Feels No Type Of Way About The Oscars Remaining Hostless


Kevin Hart was caught in one of the biggest scandals of the last few years when old tweets of his resurfaced and put him in a tough position with the LGBTQ community. As we’re sure you remember, Hart tweeted out some jokes that were seen as homophobic, and the Academy asked him to apologize to the LGBTQ community. Hart refused, stepped down from his Oscar host position, and the ceremony went hostless. Although it was expected to be an awkward situation, the Oscars without a host actually went on smoothly. It seems like the Oscars were happy with the results, and have opted to remain hostless for the 2020 ceremony. 

TMZ caught up with Kevin Hart as he was leaving Bootsy Bellows early Sunday morning in West Hollywood and asked him how he felt about the Oscars opting out of getting a host this year. Hart seemed unbothered, although he seemed reluctant to speak with TMZ at first. After the initial cold shoulder, Hart answered the question as he gets into his vehicle. “I’m a fan of the Oscars, always have been,” stated Hart. “It’s no feeling, it’s not a problem, it’s a good thing on both sides.” The 2020 Oscars will air on February 9. 


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