Kevin Hart Pulls Through And Wins In $7M Lawsuit With Former Business Partner


For months now, Kevin Hart has been battling his former business partner Stand Up Digital since the company sued the actor for ruining their game launch by going public about his affair. As the story goes, Kevin teamed with the brand to produce a game for mobile phones that would see his family as characters. Before the game’s launch, Kevin got caught cheating on his wife in Las Vegas and Stand Up Digital sued him for causing havoc to their debut. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Jumanji actor pleaded for months to get the case dropped, saying his personal life had nothing to do with the game claiming it was the game’s poor manufacturing that made things go wrong. “Negative reviews identified flaws with the underlying gameplay,” Kevin’s team previously said in court documents. “The game was also overly-intrusive for players and had technical flaws. Despite Plaintiff’s representations to this Court, Mr. Hart posted and promoted the game, even in the wake of his scandal, but to no avail.”

The Blast now reports that a judge has sided with Kevin meaning he’s no longer headed for trial. According to the publication, the judge made it clear that Kevin did not gain anything from going public with his affair in fact it was quite the opposite. Evidence in the case proves that Kevin did not breach his contract with the company and he had no obligation to tell Stand Up Digital about his personal life. 

Case closed.  


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