Kevin Hart & The Rock Speak Out On Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Workout


Colin Kaepernick has been a huge topic of conversation lately and it all stems from his private workout with the NFL a couple of weekends ago. The whole thing was an unmitigated disaster and it looks like his career in the league is over, once and for all. Fans are fairly upset about this as they were hoping he could get a fair shake and eventually get himself back on an NFL roster. 

In a recent roundtable with ESPN, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart were asked about Kap’s situation. The two are currently promoting their newest Jumanji movie but decided to take some time away from that to speak on a more pressing issue. As Johnson and Hart both describe, the issue is a complicated one

“Yeah, it is so polarizing is what we are finding right now,” Johnson said. “Ultimately, we are athletes by nature and love the world of sports and all sports, but this one, in particular, obviously it’s a close one to us and also, it ultimately comes down to how badly do you want to play the game. On the business level for the owners, how badly do you want Kaep in the game? Because obviously, he can still ball.”

“Kaep is a big headline right now,” Hart said. “So, some things you gotta just understand and onion peel off a headline. In other words, when you dig into it and show interest, it becomes a revolving world of non-stop conversation. I think either you are a supporter, and you want to see him play, or you have no interest in it anymore.”

Many fans still have a distaste for Kaepernick because they feel like his protests were meant to disrespect the country and the flag. Kap has maintained his intentions were always to stand up against white supremacy although three years later, that message continues to be misinterpreted.

What do you think of what Hart and The Rock had to say?


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