Kevin Hart Trolls The Rock With Hilarious Throwback Costume In IG Return


Shortly after uploading his first comeback video to social media, detailing his long road to recovery after suffering a near-fatal car accident months ago, Kevin Hart returned with one of his trademark troll-jobs. He and his good buddy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have starred in their fair share of films together, notably gracing the Jumanji screen as co-stars. With an upcoming sequel on the way, Hart decided the right way to get back to his fans was with some hilarious Halloween promotion, reverting to his old ways and trolling the hell out of The Rock for the sake of their new movie.

Today is Halloween and, all week, we’ve been sharing some of the greatest costumes to grace the internet. Kevin Hart can officially be added to that growing list because his portrayal of vintage Dwayne Johnson with his fanny pack (you all know the photo I’m talking about) is golden. 

Showing up at the actor and former wrestler’s house on everyone’s favorite spooky night, Hart dressed up in a black turtleneck, understated gold chain, faded jeans and, of course, a fanny pack. In case it wasn’t clear, he’s supposed to be The Rock.

“Why are you dressed like that?” asks Rocky angrily when he notices the comedian at the door. “Because it’s my costume… All you do is go to the costume store and say ‘Make me look stupid,'” replied Hart. The two then get into an argument about how Rock was standing in the iconic photo, ending with the comedian taking home some raisins and pennies for his efforts.

Welcome back to social media, Kevin. We missed you!


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