Kevin Hart’s Ex-Business Partners Denied $1 Million During Court Battle


It hasn’t been the greatest year for our favourite comedian, Kevin Hart. First, he was the victim of a sex tape leak. Then he got sued by his former business partners at iGo Marketing & Entertainment for ”screwing them out of millions” but got into an almost fatal car accident before the verdict was made. To top it all it off, the comedian lost the court battle, owing the business $701,593 in total. 

 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

iGo claimed that they had a 3 year deal with Kevin Hart, which states that the comedian would promote their work along with other celebrities. He was to be paid partly in currency, and part in stock options. However, in 2015, Hart terminated the deal, which led the business to believe that he owed them 15% of his earnings during the 3rd year, and for the value of his remaining stocks. For that reason, they sued for breach contract and won. $701.593 apparently wasn’t enough for the business, who filed a suit seeking no less than $1.8 million, while claiming that the judge underestimated the loss. Kevin Hart argued that there was never any written agreement with iGo Marketing & Entertainment, and that when parting ways, he did not actually owe them 15% of earnings.

The judge refused iGo’s claim for $952,793.54, but demanded ”that the defendants shall remit payment to the plaintiff in the total amount of $701,539.73 within sixty (60) days of the date of this Order.” Kevin Hart may have lost the court battle, but the business’ attempt to seek a million dollars from the comedian failed. 


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