Kevin Hunter Reacts To Wendy Williams Take On Bobby Shmurda


The premise of The Wendy Williams Show is essentially hearing uninformed and hot takes by the host. While entertaining for the most part, her latest opinion on Bobby Shmurda was received to a polarizing reaction. The talk show host said she believes Bobby Shmurda will end up in prison after his parole conditions were revealed. 

“He’s on parole until 2026 and this young man is only 26-years-old and he’s a rapper and there’s a certain quality of life, or not life, that you lead which led him to jail to begin with,” she said before referring to his conditions regarding substances. “See, here’s what I think, though. Don’t be offended Shmurda, but I think you’ll be in trouble before the middle of the summer comes. I do.”

Many began to rail against Wendy Williams for what many perceived to be wishing jail upon a young Black man who was only recently released. Her pessimism alone prompted her ex-husband Kevin Hunter to issue a disclaimer on behalf of himself and their son. “Hopefully in the future my son’s mother will do more research.. but in the meantime, the ‘VIEWS’ currently being expressed do not reflect that of my son or myself, we do not wish jail or incarceration on ANYONE,” he wrote with a 100 emoji.

Many agreed though the mutual consensus on his recent post was that no one asked or implemented him in Wendy’s comments. Check his post out below.