Kevin McCall Plans To Sue Over Courthouse Scuffle, Says He Was “Targeted” For Being Black


Singer-songwriter Kevin McCall has come forward to explain that he wasn’t solely responsible for the recent incident at a Georgia courthouse that landed him behind bars. Kevin was at the courthouse to appear for a case regarding the lawsuit he’s filed again his ex-girlfriend Eva Marcille. The singer wants to not only obtain custody of their daughter, Marley Ray, who he hasn’t reportedly seen in years, but Eva claims he wants her to pay him child support, as well.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

While on his way to the hearing, Kevin was on his Instagram Live speaking to fans. A security officer at the courthouse told him that wasn’t allowed which sparked a verbal argument between the two men. Off-camera, things reportedly became physical and Kevin was arrested. Kevin spoke with TMZ about the incident saying that it is his constitutional right to film and talk to fans if he wants.

“Imma file a lawsuit,” he said. “I was injured and they lied on me. They showed me talking to the people which is an amendment right. Everybody got the freedom of speech, and this is a free country the last time I checked. But I do have a full-body tattoo. People think I just got face tattoos. I got a full-body tattoo, you do as well. And you have a full-body tattoo, it’s called black skin. It’s a lot that come with that.”

“I feel I was targeted ’cause he couldn’t even tell what I was doin’. He told me no FaceTiming. Now, that’s a specific command, no FaceTiming. You could be FaceTiming somebody to have them come there and meet me,” Kevin said. The clip cuts to another point in the interview. “I was actually on Live just celebrating that I’m going to see my kid. I’m ’bout to get my daughter back. I was just excited. I hadn’t slept in two days because I’ve been also in mourning. I found out that day, the day before, that one of my best friends had died… That’s been on my spirit a lot. Been trying to focus on that, raise money for the family for that and I’m emotional. I may say some things that weren’t cool because they probably didn’t deescalate the situation but I feel like he probably did the same thing.” 

Kevin ended his message by once again calling himself a target because of his skin color. You can watch his explanation below.


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