Kevin McCall Wants In On Dr. Dre & Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King Part II”


Kevin McCall recently expressed how he wants Chris Brown fans to die and he seemingly believes that such vocal thoughts could help him get placement on Kanye West’s Jesus Is King II produced by Dr. Dre. By now it’s very clear that the singer is going through some things since he recently got arrested for assaulting a cop at court after he sent out another set of questionable statements on Instagram

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Kevin’s latest updates to his Instagram Story sees him sending a message to DJ Battlecat, Dr. Dre and Kanye West asking for a spot on Kanye’s upcoming album. As we know, yesterday it was announced that Dre would be working on the tape and it’s clear Kevin has some FOMO. 

“Hey big bro Battlecat man, it’s your baby bro the other Kevin it’s the little Kevin,” he says. “I’m in ATL and I’m calling in a real big homie favour. I’m tryna get on the Jesus Is King. Kanye West, Dr. Dre is involved.” Kevin continues to explain how Battlecat has a lot of influence on him. “Make the introduction, I wanna be on Jesus Is King.” 

We think it’s safe to say Kevin may not be hearing back from Kanye’s camp. What do you guys think?


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