Keyon Christ & Bibi Bourelly Connect On “Booze Right”


Keyon Christ and Bibi Bourelly are well-known for their prolific work behind-the-scenes–Christ as a producer and Bourelly as a songwriter. This weekend, however, the two collide in the forefront to create Christ’s newest “Booze Right” selection as Bourelly floats over Keyon’s backdrop.

To commemorate the track’s arrival, Christ also hopped on Reddit to host a little AMA. Naturally, however, the bulk of the conversation focused on his relationship and work with Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music team. The recurring question would be surrounding the whereabouts of the reported project that Keyon Christ had in the works with Kanye West post-Life Of Pablo.

“I guess it got trashed,” he admitted. “I signed to the label and they told me I was producing six more songs that year. Also Kanye said he was releasing a few more albums that year so everyone was hype. They had just signed me, 070 Shake, Desiigner, etc. But things fell apart when Kanye had to take some time away and do some important self care which is understandable. Props to him for getting back to his self. But overall things changed drastically for the label after that and projects got trashed.”

Quotable Lyrics

ou don’t ever know when you should stop
Neither do I, babe
I don’t care if it’s bad for me or not, I’m not here to have it
Phone’ll ring and it feel like the same old thing over and over again


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