Keyshia Cole Deactivates Instagram In The Midst Of O.T. Genasis “Feud”


We never knew it would go so far. When O.T. Genasis first came through with his Crip-centric flip on Keyshia Cole’s “Love,” many were quick to assume the Bay Area rapper was simply having a spot of fun. And yet the unconventional yet undeniably passionate cover became an instant fan favorite, going off in concert, at parties, and on the YouTube charts. All the while, Keyshia Cole watched the song grow in popularity, expressing disdain for Genasis’ version — not to mention the fact he went ahead and did it without permission. 

Moses Robinson/Getty Images

It didn’t take long for O.T. to respond to her comments, thus sparking a petty feud to close out the decade. Cole appeared to have the video removed from YouTube, and in an intense chess move of sorts, O.T. countered by uploading the clip to PornHub. Yesterday, Cole retaliated by poking fun at O.T.’s hairline woes, though Genasis hasn’t yet retorted on that front. And perhaps he’ll never get the chance. As of this moment, Keyshia Cole’s Instagram appears to have been deleted, presumably due to this very feud.

At this stage, it’s unlikely that “Never Knew” will be able to garner the momentum it once had. It’s honestly a shame it all played out like this. A world with both versions in easy rotation is almost certainly the best-case scenario. Come on guys, surely you can reach some middle ground. 


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