Khloe Kardashian Has An Entire Room In Her House Just For Her Wigs & Hair Extensions


It’s no secret that the Kardashian clan take their glam very seriously. Many members of the famous family switch up their look fairly often, which includes donning drastically different hairstyles from one day to the next. No Kardashian transforms her tresses more often than Khloe, though, which is why she, of course, needs an entire space in her home where her various hair accessories can live. The reality star and founder of Good American showed off her “hair room” on Thursday with a snap of her various hair extensions and wigs on her Instagram story. “50 shades of blonde!” Khloe wrote on the photo, in which an array of golden locks are seen hanging on some racks. “One of my favourite rooms!”

Above the closet full of of extensions of various hues, lengths, and textures, Khloe has her wig collection displayed on some metallic busts. It’s quite an impressive accumulation, even if having an entire room in your house just for your hair feels a bit excessive. If there’s anything we can depend on the Kardashians for, though, it’s going over the top with their storage spaces. Kim Kardashian recently gave a tour of her kitchen in which she showed off her multiple fridges, including an industrial-sized walk-in refrigerator, after she got criticized for having not having any food in her fridge.


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