Kiana Ledé Delivers Outkast-Sampled R&B Jam “Mad At Me.”


R&B songbird Kiana Ledé recently allowed the public to step into her world. Back in November, the Phoenix, Arizona native told us that she was ready to seize her second chance at stardom after being released from RCA years ago. Last year she completed her first headlining tour, and now it’s time for her to become even more vulnerable with fans. “I’m focused now on letting people in deeper,”  she told us exclusively. “[I only let people know] the amount of truth I wanted them to know,” she confessed. “It’s time to take the wall down and go deeper into the truth.” 

Kiana Ledé struts into 2020 with a new single just before the first month’s end with her “Mad At Me.” offering. On the track, Kiana lets it be known that if someone wants to flex on her, she’s ready for whatever. The chorus samples Outkast’s classic hit “So Fresh, So Clean” from their fourth studio album Stankonia, so give “Mad At Me.” a listen and let us know what you think of Kiana Ledé’s R&B jam.

Quotable Lyrics

You know the problem is you seemin’ too invested in it
You gettin’ hung up, what’s up? Why you questionnin’ it?
You lookin’ like this talkin’ turnin’ you on
Way I’m f*ckin’ you up, like you love it


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