Kid Cudi Appreciates The Love For His “Album Everyone Hates”


Kid Cudi has become a somewhat deified figure within the hip-hop canon. Perhaps it’s his elusive release schedule or his ownership of his introverted nature. Whatever the reason, his die-hard fans would likely deem Cudi the voice of his generation. And yet, even an artist as beloved as Kid Cudi can stumble on occasion. At least, that was certainly a popular consensus in the wake of Speedin Bullet To Heaven, Cudi’s fifth studio album. Written off as an experimental “rock album,” Cudi recently took to Twitter to reflect on the project’s divisive legacy. 

Responding to one fan’s praise for Speedin Bullet, Cudi elaborated on his mental state that led to the project’s creation in the first place. “I was dealin w some real shit durin that album,” he wrote. “One of my darkest. Darker than MOTM2 id say. I just wanted to scream and yell and make angry songs. It was the only way I could express what I was feeling at the time.” 

Clearly, Cudi holds the project close to his heart, and appreciates the love whenever it arrives at his doorstep. Perhaps we’ll one day see Speedin Bullet analyzed under a different lens, to the point where the critical narrative will shift with time. Until that day, respect to Kid Cudi for interacting with his fans in such an honest fashion. How do you feel about Speedin Bullet? 


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