Kid Cudi Loses Grip In New “She Knows This” Video


Winter may be upon us, and as this notorious year winds to a close, Kid Cudi has emerged to part the clouds and offer a ray of light. Though in all honesty, it’s unclear if the Moon Man’s motives as pure as he lets on. While his brand new album Man On The Moon III: The Chosen serves to provide ample evidence for an extensive character study, many were quick to gravitate toward “She Knows This,” a stylistic blast from the past evocative of the “Old Cudi.” And as many fans have come to understand, nostalgia tends to be the gateway to the heart.

It’s no wonder that Cudi opted to land on “She Knows This” as a key standout, one worthy of the video treatment. The clip itself finds Cudi isolated in a penthouse apartment, left to contend with his thoughts, and seemingly pushed to the brink of his own sanity. Frantic, manic, and ultimately driven to madness in a high-octane dose of adrenaline, Cudi proceeds to orchestrate his own demise in a high-speed chase, a final defiant farewell to the police looking to keep him down. Check out the clip now, and be sure to show some love to Cudi’s nostalgic single in the comments below.