Kid Cudi Reflects On “Hating Life” & Announces New Clothing Line


Kid Cudi has always been a style icon in his own right, influencing millennial youth and arguably starting the skinny jean trend. The rap artist built his legacy off of incredible music, timeless albums, and creativity beyond borders, as well as an honestness about him that resonated with an entire generation of listeners. 

The 36-year-old seemingly has his hands full with projects galore in the new year, teasing the arrival of his next studio album Entergalactic, as well as the accompanying television series directed by Kenya Barris. He’s also teased a follow-up to Kids See Ghosts, which probably isn’t coming anytime soon, knowing Kanye’s history of rarely sticking to announced plans. On top of it all, Kid Cudi announced on Wednesday that he’s also creating his first-ever clothing line, which feels long overdue given his status as a style icon.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Finally startin my own clothing line,” announced Cudder on Twitter. “Been a long time comin and another dream of mine. More madness, true vision, freshness comin soon!!!”

Interacting with his fans, Cudi co-signed one person who said that he basically invented skinny jeans, revealed that his first clothing drop will come in the summer, and claiming that he has the perfect denim coming as part of it. Then, he reflected on all of the ups and downs he’s encountered on his journey to finding happiness, opening up about his personal struggles.

“Man so much to do and see. Since 2016 Ive been climbin upward,” said the artist. “Comin from rehab, suicidal thoughts, not loving myself, hating my life…to being beyond happy, loving myself more than ever, doin everything I always dreamed of. My angels been watchin over me. I am truly blessed.”

I’m definitely not alone in saying that I’m excited as hell to see what Kid Cudi does this year. Stay tuned for more information on his upcoming clothing line.