Kid Rock Explains Reason Behind Drunken Oprah-Hating Rant


Kid Rock popped back up on the radar earlier this week when he randomly started hating on Oprah Winfrey in a drunken manner that was caught on camera. The 48-year-old was at a Nashville bar that he owns when he started going off about “F*ck Oprah” insisting that he’s “not a bad guy” but “an honest guy” who’s also not racist. 

Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty Images

“F–k her, she can suck d–k sideways,” he added of the famed talk show host. Days after his rant, Kid jumped on Twitter to share a short explanation as to why he has so much hate for Oprah and it all has to do with an opportunity he had to be a guest on her show, but he wasn’t down for the protocol that came before that. “My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show…🏳️‍🌈 I said f*ck that and her. End of story,” he wrote. 

We think it’s safe to Oprah will most likely avoid responding to Kid Rock’s public announcement of his distaste for her.


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