Kid Rock Slams Oprah In Drunken Rant While Insisting He’s Not Racist


Kid Rock visited the Honky Tonk bar that he owns in Nashville recently, and it looks like he may have had one too many. As one of the very few Trump supporting musicians (that will admit to it, at least), Rock is no stranger to looking ridiculous to the public eye, but his obvious inebriation would not be so bad if it weren’t for all of the lovely feelings and opinions he expressed about America’s favourite talk show host. Rock can be heard expressing his disdain for Oprah in an almost incomprehensible, slurred speech. “I don’t like Oprah or Joy Behar,” he says about Winfrey and one of the hosts of popular daytime talk show, The View. Though Rock has expressed his dislike for Behar in the past, later in the video, he goes after another daytime talk show host, Kathie Lee Gifford, for unknown reasons. Rock made sure to preface these sentiments by letting the crowd know “I’m not a bad guy, I’m an honest guy.” He then addresses the common accusation that he’s racist, claiming that it’s “weird,” which he follows with the declaration, “F*ck Oprah Winfrey!” 

The woman filming the video sounds shocked at what she’s witnessing based on her gasps and “boo”s, and ultimate exclamations that Rock is “so racist.” Rock spews some obscenities throughout the rant and finishes with him publicly accepting that people think he’s racist. Later on in the night, Rock karaokes to “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner, and ends up getting helped off the stage by security due to his intoxicated state. He never gives an explanation as to why he hates these female TV personalities so much, but the video is certainly not a good look for him in any way.


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