Kid Vishis Reflects On The “Construction Of A Black Nation”


Kid Vishis, who you might recognize as the brother of Royce Da 5’9, has been steadily putting in work for a minute. Now, with the arrival of his untitled fourth studio album due in March, Vishis has returned to the fold with his new single “Construction Of A Black Nation.” We’re pleased to premiere the visuals for the powerful record, which finds Vishis looking to the past to foresee the future. Shot in his home city of Detroit, Michigan, the clip finds Vishis reflecting on the current state of affairs, juxtaposed with footage from notable historical events. 

Image via Artist

“What an odd facade, they look at God like the wizard of Oz, a white man behind a curtain,” he spits, over a slow-burning guitar-driven beat. “But the only thing we know for sure is death is certain / been emerging through too much pain, we numb to the surface.” Evoking the legacies of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, Vishis slides over the percussion as he drives home his message with conviction. “We were taught lies, the facts were covered up,” he spits. “So now when I see a racist I want to put a blade to his face / drop him in the hood with n***as who throw hand gestures / hang em from a tree like this for my ancestors.” 

Be sure to check out the latest from Kid Vishis, and should you be keen on hearing more, be sure to keep an eye out for more news on his upcoming album — released independently through his own label Sick ‘Em Records.