Kierra Luv & Tory Lanez Make An Anthem For The Self-Made With “Can’t Stand It”


When Tory Lanez said he was recording 20 songs per night last month, he must’ve also meant features as well. Take a listen to his latest collaboration on the new single from rising teen rapper Kierra Luv titled “Can’t Stand It.”

Fitting into the mold of [Enter favorite trap beat here], the song mainly does a good job at showcasing both Tory’s ability to sound in sync on pretty much any track and Kierra’s surprisingly swift rap flow especially given her age. Lyrically, it’s one of those “you mad, doggie!” themes that’s basically the 2020 trap version of what Beyoncé was saying to LeToya and LaTa—to her haters on Destiny’s Child’s hit 2001 single “Survivor.” For Luv and Lanez, they simply just dance while cashing out at the bank to hit a quick flex on the naysayers, in addition to riding fly in coupes and jets like, as they put it, Playstation icon Crash Bandicoot. Ok, let’s go with that!

Listen to Kierra Luv’s new single “Can’t Stand It” featuring Tory Lanez below:

Quotable Lyrics: 

We pull up, hopping out the Benz jeep
Selling water with your baby momma in Miami
F*ck the gloves, I can whip the brick hands free
B*tch I’m from the brick and I can’t let no n***a scam me
Trap back booming ‘cause my n***as got no plan B
I’m dandy, sip-sipping Brandy, with dripping candy, oh yeah


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