Kilo Kish Readies Us For “REDUX EP” With New Song, “Bite Me”


Last September, Kilo Kish dropped her six-track MOTHE EP. It stood as a testament to her unwavering commitment to reinvention. Her 2016 LP, Reflections In Real Time, was a mixed bag of genres, unified by a hefty concept. While RRT was a success in many ways, MOTHE felt like a complete exploration of a single idea. Kish took on a gritty electronic sound and mastered it. On her new song, “Bite Me,” she wandered further into this territory and it came out just as invigorating. 

“Bite Me” serves as the first single off Kish’s upcoming REDUX EP set to release in December, which is said to be the sister project to MOTHE. The hook consists of Kish repeating the taunt, “Sick of that song? Oh well,” in a way that it becomes obfuscated in thumps and synths. The 29-year-old polymath has been collaborating with producer, Ray Brady, since RRT. Brady has been able to craft the complex soundscapes to accompany Kish in whichever audacious endeavour she takes on and “Bite Me” is more proof that they make an unstoppable duo. 

Quotable Lyrics

When I get to work, smile until it hurts
All the boys here liked nothing that I said
And when I run back, turn back
They’re lined up with a gun, right straight to the end


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