Kim Jong Un Is Not Dead, South Korea Official Says


Kim Jong-Un has been at the center of several conflicting reports over the past few weeks. There has been speculation that something’s happened to him since he hasn’t been seen in a while. What fueled this speculation even further is that he didn’t make any public appearances during North Korea’s Day Of The Sun, a holiday that celebrates his grandfather. 

Carl Court/Getty Images

Over the weekend, a Japanese media outlet and a Hong Kong-backed media outlet’s vice director, who is also the niece of a Chinese foreign minister, ran reports claiming that Kim Jong Un is either dead or in a vegetative state. Though South Korea officials previously denied that anything was wrong with him, they’re now clearing up rumors of Kim Jong Un’s death.

A letter from Kim Jong Un written to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa dated April 27th was published by the North Korean media in the midst of rumors of their leader’s death. The thing is there hasn’t been any verification of the authenticity of the letter, especially since there have been numerous conflicting reports.

However, an official from South Korea said on Sunday that Kim Jong Un is “alive and well,” according to CNN, despite the rumors surrounding his wellbeing.



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