Kim Kardashian Gives Daughter Michael Jackson’s Iconic Hat For Christmas


The Kardashian-West family sure knows how to gift their loved ones. Most recently, Kanye West laced up all of 2Chainz’s family by giving them a variety of Yeezy kicks. The kind gesture was shown via 2 Chainz’s Instagram where he thanked Ye’ for his generosity in the spirit of the holidays. While this gift was fire, we think the Kardashian-West duo have won Christmas by gifting their daughter North the most awesome gift of all. This year, for Christmas, lucky Ms. North West has received Michael Jackson’s actual hat from the famous “Smooth Criminal” music video.

The hat, according to Kim’s instastory, still has MJ’s makeup all over it. You can even see traces of it on the sides of the white hat along with the full name of Michael Jackson imprinted on the end. This sweet gift was given to North along with a jacket and social media went completely berzerk. Some fans were gushing over the gift while others reprimanded Kim. In their eyes, such a valuable gift belongs to a museum or perhaps even Jackon’s family, but instead, it went to Kim and Kanye’s child because they had the means. Well, regardless of varied opinions, it remains that this is the type of gift one never forgets. 


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