Kim Kardashian Sued By Photographer For Posting Kanye West Couple Photo


An acrimonious photographer is suing Kim Kardashian for allegedly using his work without permission nor compensation. Back in October of 2018, Kim shared a photo of herself and husband, Kanye West, caught in a heartfelt moment. In the black-and-white shot, Kim gazes lovingly at Kanye as he looks down, both of them smiling widely. According to TMZ, the sweet snapshot was likely taken during their trip to Africa where Ye recorded his now-scrapped album. Kim captioned the photo, “❤️We Got Love ❤️,” and the rest is history. Or so they probably thought.

Photographer Saeed Bolden, on the other hand, does not have love for the couple, at least not since Kim shared this post. In a lawsuit filed by Saeed against Kim, he claims that he was the one who took the photo, which therefore makes it his property. Saeed alleges that Kim did not seek permission from him to use the photo in any capacity, nor was he compensated for her forbidden usage of his work. Saeed is suing Kim for any profits she might have made off the post, as well as for punitive damages, though he does not name a specific price. While targeting Kim directly with this lawsuit somewhat makes sense, Saeed is also attempting to sue Kim’s shapewear line, Skims. He claims that the company shares Kim’s IG account and thus is just as complicit in the theft. However, the Skims IG account has never posted the photo in question, so his logic comes across as a little flawed.


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