King Los Issues A Warning: “You All Will Learn To Respect Me”


King Los is fed up with being forgotten. Despite having developed a reputation as a fan favorite, particularly around these parts, Los has seldom found himself gathering the accolades he feels he deserves. Considering his pedigree as a lyricist, it’s no surprise that Los feels some type of way in the face of a perceived slight; though it was never our intention, Los seemed to interpret his omission from our Top 50 Best Rapper Flows Of All Time list as exactly that. And yet, his frustration seems to signal a renewed sense of hunger, one that can only bode well for his those seeking new music from the self-styled King.

“I’m not on the list ever,” writes Los. “I’m never on any list but you all will learn to respect me !!!!” Foreboding in the best possible way, Los’ warning serves as a reminder that he’s got plenty left to say; case in point, an insane twelve-minute freestyle session on the LA Leakers earlier this week. While it’s unfortunate he interpreted the list as disrespectful, we can’t lie and say we wouldn’t welcome more music from the rapper, especially if he’s coming at it with a chip on his shoulder. 

While frustrations of this nature are understandable, it goes without saying that one list does not and should not serve as validation to an artist’s talent. Few would argue that King Los isn’t nice with it, though I suppose the ranking process inevitably leads to issues such as these. Especially in a group dynamic, in which many different tastes must unite to find common ground. Still, if there’s one takeaway to be had here, it’s that King Los is ready to force the narrative in his favor; consider his warning a good omen. 


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