King Von’s Family Holds Private Funeral Service, Fans Offer Prayers


King Von’s tragic passing is one that came as a shock to music fans. Just a week before he was killed, Von had just released his project called Welcome To O’Block which was considered to be a standout effort from the rising star. In this tape, Von was delivering sharp flows while also showcasing a knack for storytelling. It was a project that showed off just how much potential Von truly had, while also displaying that he still had a lot left to give.

As it stands, Von’s murder is in the midst of an investigation, and numerous arrests have been made. Charges have been filed against the alleged killer and a trial is expected to take place, in the near future. In the meantime, Von’s friends and family are still grieving his loss, and today, they held a private funeral to pay their respects.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Following King Von’s passing, numerous artists took to social media where they offered their respects for the artist, which just goes to show how loved he was. Von’s girlfriend, Asian Doll, has been taking to social media with numerous tributes, showcasing how much she loved him.

With Von’s funeral happening today, numerous fans took to social media where they offered their respects and showed love to the artist. You can see some of these tributes, below.