Kirk Franklin Trends After Luke Nasty Samples Gospel Song For Rap Track


We’re not sure what Kirk Franklin & The Family thinks about this one, but a new song has caused the famed gospel singer to trend. The world knows Kirk Franklin as an award-winning artist and composer with over a dozen Grammys under his belt, and as dedicated as he is to the gospel circuit, it came as a surprise when a rap artist went viral for sampling one of his tracks.

On Wednesday (November 18), DJ Luke Nasty shared a clip of his track “Rain” to Twitter, and some users couldn’t help but notice that the song seemed familiar. That’s because it samples Kirk Franklin & The Family’s “Melodies From Heaven,” a track included on their 1996 album Whatcha Lookin’ 4. The album reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums Chart and “Melodies From Heaven” has been performed by church choirs worldwide.

People have questioned if Kirk Frankin allowed Luke Nasty to use his track by clearing the sample, especially after seeing the DJ’s cover art that featured a woman showing her bare backside as she holds an umbrella with money falling from the sky. Check out a snippet of Luke’s “Rain” above and read through a few responses below.