Kobe Bryant Reveals If He’d Return To NBA If Guaranteed A Ring


Kobe Bryant has been retired from the game of basketball for a few years now and any chance of a comeback has pretty well been thrown out the window. Now that he’s gone from the game, Bryant prefers to comment on what the players are up to and everything they’ve able to accomplish. Perhaps the best example of this is just how complimentary he has been of Los Angeles Lakers center, Dwight Howard.

Bryant recently made an appearance on the Ledlow & Parker podcast and was asked a pretty interesting question about coming back to the game of basketball. Candace Parker asked Bryant if he would return with the guarantee of a sixth championship awaiting him. As you already know, Bryant is a huge competitor and wasn’t a big fan of the potential guarantee involved.

“No. No. No. No. I like my rings the hard way. I like to fight through them. I don’t like to jump into the easy route,” Bryant said.

Kristen Ledlow and Parker seemed to completely understand where Bryant was coming from, as a guaranteed ring is pretty cheap if you ask us. Bryant has earned his rings fair and square and matching Michael Jordan off of a guarantee would be a bit of a sting to his legacy.

Needless to say, we’re glad Kobe had the answer he did.

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