Kodak Black Gets Official Release Date From Prison


Kodak Black has been given an official release date from prison, and it looks like the rapper will be a free man once again by August 2022. According to law enforcement officials, Kodak is set to be released on August 14th, 2022. He could even be let out a few days earlier, since the 14th falls on a Sunday and it’s federal policy to let inmates out early if their release date falls on a weekend. Along with the news of his future freedom, Kodak was also temporarily transferred to a federal prison in Oklahoma City. Following this stay, he will be officially placed in a correctional facility in Kentucky for the remainder of his sentence. He is currently serving 46 months for a gun possession case, in which he spent the first portion at a Miami federal prison.

Kodak recently spoke out about the “cruel and unethical” treatment he’s received at the hands of the guards at FCI Miami. He claimed to have been claiming drugged, beaten and denied food and medical attention among other basic needs, and expressed his fear that he would end up dead if these circumstances continue. His mother, Marcelene Simmons, recently hired attorney Benjamin Crump, who notably worked with Trayvon Martin’s family in the George Zimmerman case. Marcelene has threatened to sue the Bureau of Prisons for her son’s abhorred experiences in the Miami facility. However, Kodak was reportedly not transferred due to his complaints about the inhumane conditions in Miami. According to TMZ, inmates don’t usually spend their entire sentences at FCI Miami, but rather, are given a risk assessment to determine which prison is the best fit for them before getting transferred.

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