Kodak Black Praises Trump & Flashes Autographed MAGA Hat: “We Geminis”


On the heels of the news that former President Donald Trump has launched a new website for the office of President 45, Kodak Black returns to lavish more praise on the Celebrity Apprentice star. Earlier this year, on his last day in office, Trump pardoned hundreds of people including Kodak Black who is more than appreciative to Trump for his freedom. On Tuesday (March 30), Kodak joined TMZ Live to boast about receiving clemency from one of the most controversial presidents in America’s history.

Kodak Black, Bradford Cohen, Trump, Pardon
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

“I’m a real one, Trump’s a real one,” Kodak said in the virtual interview. “We Geminis. Pops, you know Pops, my lawyer [Bradford Cohen], I call him Pops like my daddy, know what I’m sayin’. He know Trump like that, so it’s like, Trump know what’s up. We both Geminis. His birthday two days after mine. He be down here and stuff. Palm Beach.”

The rapper interrupted his own thought to say he had something he wanted to show the TMZ Live hosts but it was downstairs. After hyping up the surprise, Kodak showed off his blue “Make America Great Again” baseball cap with Trump’s autograph. When he wasn’t speaking about Trump, Kodak addressed his plans for his music career. The Florida rapper revealed he’s recorded approximately 200 songs since being released from jail, calling the process “easy.”

“It’s just me taking my time and setting my future up,” the rapper added. “Not going back to prison, jail, or none of that type of stuff.” Check out the clip below.