Kodak Black Says People Are Trying To Take Him Down


We might not have witnessed the end of Kodak Black’s troubling issues with law enforcement. According to the Florida rapper’s latest tweets, there are people that want to see him get taken down a notch, and apparently, they’ve gone to the police to try and get Kodak locked up again. 

Sending off some strongly-worded tweets aimed at his opposition, Kodak Black warned the people trying to take him down that he’s virtually off the grid and won’t be stopped this time around. 

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

“I Hate You N***as Got My Name Gettin Airplay Out Here When I Ain’t Come Home On No B.S,” he started, hinting that there could be more drama on the way. “Got These [Cops] Pullin Down On My People Throwin Hints Out There & Sh*t. I Ain’t On Nothing.”

He went on to claim his set before stating that he’s unstoppable.

“Erybody Know I’m Smush Gang, Sniper Gang, Stretch Gang,” he added. “Stop Tweeting Out Here & Puttin Insurance On Yourself If You Really On Sumn. The Only Way That You Can Beat Me If I Catch Me A Case. I’m Out The Grid Tho Fasho, All Da Way Out Da Way.”

Considering the cops are allegedly on him already, there’s a chance that they might be looking for reasons to get him back to prison. Hopefully, that’s not the case. Do you think Kodak needs to be more careful in the streets?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images