Kodak Black Squads Up For New Posse Cut “Righteous Reapers”


Kodak Black is back, and is currently sitting on a vault of unreleased material that’s approximately 167-songs deep. While it’s uncertain as to when he’ll set out to deliver his proper studio follow-up to 2018’s Dying To Live, Kodak has come through with a new posse cut, enlisting his squad for “Righteous Reapers.” Joining him on the guitar-driven track are Sykobob, WizDaWizard, and Wam SpinThaBin, all of whom contribute to the track’s menacing atmosphere. 

Though still a young man, Kodak’s experience both in the studio and beyond give him the presence of a veteran, noticeable once he slides in to start rapping. “I’m militant, lil n***a playin with my talk I get him spent,” he spits, firing off a rapid-fire flow. “I ain’t ever duck, ain’t scared of nothin, but I’m bulletproof like 50 Cent.” Fans of the Florida hip-hop scene would be wise to check this one out, as “Righteous Reapers” is a refreshing mix of raw street lyricism and charisma; it would be interesting to see how these four might fare in a mixtape setting, as this new posse cut is certainly a promising start.


I’m militant and a nigga playin’ with my talk, I get him spent
I ain’t never dug nothing, ain’t scared of nothing
But I’m bulletproof like 50 Cent
I’m a real vulture, they already know how I be flyin’
My lil boo on PS2, got shooters ridin’ and providin’