Kodak Black’s Charitable Work Detailed In Letters Sent To Court Ahead Of Sentencing


It was just announced that Kodak Black has been sentenced to 36 months in prison for lying on a federal form. Earlier this year, the Florida rapper attempted to hide the fact that he’s on bond for sexual assault while filling out an application for three firearms. This sentencing actually indicates that things worked out in Kodak’s favor, because he was initially facing eight years and even requested for his time to be reduced to about three.

Perhaps the letters sent to the court vouching for Kodak’s character contributed to his favorable verdict. From Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, AllHipHop has obtained two letters that gave examples of Kodak’s charitable work in an attempt to lighten his sentence. One comes from Heather Siskind, the CEO of The Jack & Jill Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida. “Dear Bill, Every day, the children and families at Jack & Jill Children’s Center are growing and thriving thanks to your generosity,” Siskind wrote. “At Jack & Jill, we are investing in children and families through services that stabilize, educate and empower. This will acknowledge your September 2018 gift in the amount of $10,000 to support Jack & Jill Children’s Center. We are also grateful for your additional donation of clothing for our children. 

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Another letter was submitted by Allen DeWane, the CEO of Acuity Productions, which also detailed Kodak’s philanthropy. “I’m producing events with important national leaders to assist inner-city youth. Several have agreed to have Bill work with us on urban youth projects,” DeWane wrote. “Prominent high-profile politicians from both sides of the political aisle will use Bill for Youth Outreach programs that serve kids in South Florida and other urban communities across the U.S.”

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