Kodak Black’s Prison Guard Attack: Rapper Was High & Grabbed His Testicles


When it was reported that Kodak Black had gotten into a fight with a prison guard last month, things started looking bad for the Florida-based rapper. Already, the Project Baby was facing up to ten years in the slammer and this pretty much guaranteed the fact that he would be getting some hard time on his books. Yesterday, the recording artist was sentenced in relation to his firearms arrest in the Spring and he was handed down a forty-six-month sentence. That means that for over the next three years, we will likely not be hearing a new song from Kodak Black. During his court hearing, the judge scolded Kodak for being such a negligent young adult, noting that he’s been “doing stupid things since [he] was fifteen.” Now, details regarding his fight with the security guard have been released.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It has already been made clear that the guard reportedly required surgery for his injuries and now, Kodak’s involvement in the brawl is being outlined. According to the Miami Herald, the rapper was under the influence of drugs at the time of the attack. He was pepper-sprayed by the man, which caused Kodak to lash out and punch the guard twice before reportedly grabbing his testicles and holding on for so long that “his abdomen and intestinal wall were breached.” Four officers were required to hold him back.

No charges have been filed yet against Black for the prison fight. One thing is for sure though; he will absolutely need to stay out of trouble for these next three years and change. If not, he risks losing his entire career.

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