Kota The Friend Taps Joey Bada$$ & Bas For “B.Q.E”


Following a solid appearance on Guapdad 4000’s ongoing Rona Raps series, Kota The Friend has come through with even more new music. This time, he’s laying down “B.Q.E,” a New York-themed anthem set to appear on his upcoming album Everything. In order to bolster the strength of his message, Kota called upon fellow NYC denizens Joey Bada$$ of Brooklyn and Bas of Queens, imbuing his single with both Pro Era and Dreamville’s presence.

As expected, seeing as this is a New York homage and all, “B.Q.E” rather appropriately puts bars on a pedestal; lest we forget, the Big Apple was where the artform was initially birthed. Kota himself sets it off with a carefree verse, riding the triumphant instrumental with a carefree demeanor. “Free as a bird, used to be runnin’ from 12, live and you learn,” he raps. “Now we just flip ’em the bird.”

The Badmon spits next, whipping his flow into double-time as he paints a picture of a city boy’s take on summertime debauchery. Last but not least is Bas, who continues to prove he’s among the most technically savvy rhymers in the game, even if people aren’t ready to give him due props. “Don’t pity you n***s that make comments to create drama, you gon’ find them tryna go viral,” he raps. “Judge, jury, execution, no trial.” Check this one out now, and sound off – who had the best verse on this one?


I’m from Queens where they line you up with a cold smile
And the whole time you be thinkin’, “Damn, that bitch so fine,”
“Oh, my,” she not
Born in a ditch and you die in a box
But I’m on a mission, a man of ambition
My latest addition, retire my Pops
So anyone threatenin’, I’m firin’ shots

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/kota-the-friend-taps-joey-badass-and-bas-for-bqe-new-song.1987058.html

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