KXNG Crooked Is Back With “Yu Vs. Yu”


Each week, KXNG Crooked is one person that you can undoubtedly can on for new music. He brought back his fan favorite series, Hip Hop Weeklys, at the beginning of the year. He hasn’t missed a bar or a week yet and he’s constantly making sure the fans get some new music each week. The state of the rap game right now relies heavily on melodies but that doesn’t mean that bars have gone away. He’s dishing ’em out at a rapid pace on top of familiar samples. This week, he pays homage to another California legend, Xzibit on “Yu Vs. Yu” which opens up with an excerpt from a recent interview with X. As Crook samples Xzibit’s “What U See Is What U Get,” he goes off on the mic.

Peep the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
You tried to stop, your motivation shook
Writer’s block ’cause there’s problems every place you look
Now, you ain’t wrote a fuckin’ word, you feelin’ like Zuckerberg
‘Cause you know you and your pen are gonna have to face your book

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/36wvVzy

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